Annual Gathering at Launde Abbey 1997 - Late Nights at Launde - Nonsuch Annual Weekend Triumphs Again

Neil Corbett
Set deep in the Leicestershire countryside, Launde Abbey advertises itself as a haven of tranquility and restfulness with nothing but the bleating of sheep and the lowing of cattle to disturb the silence.  Until Nonsuch arrived that is!  This yearís annual Nonsuch weekend provided music, song and laughter until well into the early hours.  Quite what the founders of the Abbey would have thought, one can only imagine.

†Apart from the usual instructional sessions ably led by Gillian Alcock all the way from Oz, Roger Nicholson (all the way from Londonís North Circular) and Bristolian John Shaw, we had the usual Saturday afternoon stroll, a brilliant Saturday night concert, two fanatical, but hugely enjoyable, record sessions (John Shaw again), an early music workshop from Irene
Stewart, and those late night sessions.  Not only that, but items on instrument construction and individual help for beginners too.  Whatís more, Iíve probably forgotten something else! How we fit it all into one weekend along with the AGM  I donít know.

Once again we have to thank Dave Clifford for producing a superb tape of the Saturday concert as a memento for all attendees.  A very professional job it is too (the tape that is, but even the performances are impressive).  All attendees should have received a copy.  Dave has one or two left over if anyone else wants to buy one.
Launde is a very nice place and weíll be happy to return in 1998 for another dose of that peace and tranquility (assuming the staffís nerves have returned to normal).