Summary of Activities and Lesson Plans contained in this pack

What is a Dulcimer?

  • Play a dulcimer on a tablet computer
  • Dulcimer Timeline (History)
  • Dulcimer Music Workshop
  • Soundtrack to your story (Creative Writing)
  • Story Writing Lesson Plan (BBC)

Dulcimers in the UK

  • Dulcimer History 18th to early 20thC
  • Victorian Home Entertainment
  • Dulcimer Music Workshop
  • Folk Music and Dancing

Dulcimer Music

The activities are centred around Bluff King Hal, a dance tune often played on the dulcimer. The lesson ideas include:-

  • How the activities fit into the Music curriculum at KS2
  • Listening and observation - Form
  • Devising a rhythm accompaniment
  • Full Classroom Arrangement
  • Working on composition ideas
  • Changing Sounds Lesson Plan (BBC - Science)

Dulcimers Around the World

  • Interactive world map showing different types of dulcimer, with youtube clips
  • Play a santoor on a tablet computer
  • Making an Appalachian Dulcimer from recycled materials
  • Dulcimer and World Music Workshops

Links and Resources

As well as places to research the dulcimer, there are links to educational resources.

  • Dulcimer World Congress Schools Concert Video
  • BBC 10 pieces
  • English Folk Music and Dance Society Learning Resources.
  • Further contacts to find specialist folk educators for INSET training and schools workshops

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