Dulcimers Around the World

Many countries have their own type of dulcimer which all have their own names including: cimbalom, hackbrett, salterio, santoor and yangqin. Whilst these instruments are all considered to be types of zither which are either struck with hammers or plucked they come in all shapes and sizes and have different tunings to each other. These differences make it difficult for dulcimer players from different countries to play each other's instruments.

Click on the pins on the interactive map below to view further information on the different types of dulcimer found in the countries of the world.

The red pins are the Hammered Dulcimer Family and the orange ones are the Mountain Dulcimer Family. To play the video or view an image, clicking on the picture and press play for a video. If there is more than one, click on the arrows to move through them.

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