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We sell at festivals, by post or directly and have a reputation for straight descriptions and good value instruments. We are also players, workshop leaders and enthusiasts. Our new website has a wide range of interesting and unusual dulcimers, including some recently imported instruments of historic importance.

If you want to try any instrument in person or on extended loan - or you just want to chat about dulcimers in general - you can contact us through the site or on 07817 310083. Any instrument can be shipped to a UK mainland address for a flat fee of 15, including insured P&P. If you want us to find a dulcimer to meet your exact specifications, give us a ring or email.

The website also has details of possible upgrades and accessories for mountain dulcimers, including capos, strings, additional frets, geared tuners to replace friction pegs and professional amplification options. Finally, the website provides a major new resource for mountain dulcimer players, with free music and information about dulcimer tuition, design, history and solutions to common problems.

For More information contact:  Geoff Black
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Musima brand German Hackbrett, in fitted case, with tuning key, 2 pairs of hammers (one hammer needs a piece of felt), support feet, spare strings, study book and Thomann K+M 28070 Hackbrett stand.

Price 525

Contact Jon Godfrey Tel: 07910 947625

Location: HULL

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This Amazing Hammer Dulcimer made by Fred Montague of Massachusetts is for sale. Some of you may recognise the instrument as being very similar to the one Jim Couza played (it's the same maker). It is a fantastic dulcimer with incredible tone and a joy to play. I am asking for 1,000 ono for it as when I purchased it I had to import it from America it is a 15/14 model.

Included: A set of sticks and a tuning wrench.
Price: 1,000 ONO

If you are interested in purchasing the instrument contact Quentin Budworth or Tel 07877 434739
Custom built full size Concert Performance model-Linear Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer - 8/19/18/7

Hand made by James Jones, Virginia, US. A chance to own the 'dream' of HD's, with ALL the accidentals, together with a full bodied sound, and NO shipping costs for buyer in UK. This instrument is virtually new, and has only been out of its case 4-5 times, and is in pristine condition.

Four fully chromatic octaves, linear pattern playing - highest note A6 - lowest note - G2, set on 4 strung frets of 8/19/-(treble, set on higher left, and left, top to bottom) -18/7 (bass, set on right, top to bottom,and lower right). All 104 strings have piano fret markings. Yes! It's a BIG one!!! (Tuning and string gauges diagram, available here). For more information on this tuning layout see James' website.

Frame - Birdseye maple. Soundboard - Redwood, (painted black, making the 104 strings, easier to locate). 4 bridges - Paduak woods. Instrument - Cardinal woods trim. Dampers - Cardinal woods. (foot pedal not included). Additions: Scissor, folding stand, (sitting), tuning wrench, pair of hammers, and tough lined padded case, with added compartment on the outside, with pockets for music, hammers, wrench and tuner etc.

Dimensions: Dulcimer - Length = 47", Height = 19", Width = 4",(119cmsx48cmsx10cms). Hard lined, padded case - add on 4" for Length & Height, and 2.5" for width, (129cmsx58.5cmsx16cms). Total weight in case - 39lbs, (17.6kg).

Cost as new - $2706 (1883.00 + 250 shipping) - Asking price - 1,600.00 o.v.n.o. (Genuine sale). Delivery costs extra, depending on location. Instrument currently in South Devon. Payment preferred via PayPal.

Contact: email: Gilly Roberts. Tel: 01803 874110 - Mob: 07788510006.