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27th - 29th MARCH 2020

[Gary and Toni Sagers]

The Spring Fling Workshop weekend follows the relaxed pattern established over previous years; with workshops during the day and informal sessions in the evenings. This is a smaller event in the beautiful surroundings of Deneholme in Allendale.

[Damian Clarke]

Our mountain dulcimer tutor is Gary Sager of Prussia Valley Dulcimers, Ohio. A popular mountain dulcimer player, Gary is a fine luthier of mountain dulcimers whose main interest is old-timey music. He will be bringing his wife Toni, who plays autoharp.

Our hammered dulcimer tutor is Damian Clarke. Damian sings as well as playing instrumental dulcimer and other unusual instruments. In 2019, he was ill at the last minute and couldn't come, so we have invited him back.

We have again invited our tutors to perform in an additional concert on the Sunday night. This was a popular add on last year and for those travelling farther afield was a great way to extend the weekend.

This is a very popular event so early booking is recommended. Our early bird deadline is December 7th 2019, after which prices rise; and the last booking date is 27th Febrary 2020. See Booking Form (pdf) or Booking Form (word) for pricing details and how to book.

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