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Polkaworks Great English Traditional Music Band featuring Sue Harris on Hammered Dulcimer   Malthouse Passage Lisa Warburton's dance and concert band is based in Malvern
Fred Woodley's Den History of the Birmingham Style of playing + along with Dave Clifford, co-founder of Mattwood Dulcimers   Matthew Bascetta Professional luthier. Builds/repairs/restores most acoustic instruments
Music Magic Popular Dulcimer Maker Tim Manning has expanded his range to a variety of dulcimer family instruments. Based in Frome.   Oakwood Instruments HD Page Long-standing member and maker of Hammered Dulcimers and other quality instruments, in Leeds.
Geoff Smith's Home Page Groundbreaking Professional Hammered Dulcimer player   Jack Bethel's Site Lots of info on the Glasgow dulcimer scene
Linda Thomas US based Hammer Dulcimer player. Tours and records with guitarist Dan Delancey   Martin Czech Multi-instrumentalist based in Northern Germany
Nonsuch's Facebook group Popular way of connecting to other members   Stonehouse Music The web site of Liz Conway, our mountain dulcimer rep, and her late singing partner and husband, Terry Conway
Revels Music Geoff Reev-Black's website, with interesting MD info and a good range of instruments for sale.   Dan Evans Professional player, predominantly on mountain dulcimer & guitar
Jutta & Carmen Jutta Claar & Carmen Amrein, a very talented duo from Germany   Robin Clark Bird Rock Dulcimers - North Wales based site for all those interested in mountain dulcimer
Celtarabia Amanda Lowe performs solo or as part of exciting dance band Celtarabia   Damian Clarke Damien's site listing his regular concerts in the UK and abroad featuring the Hammer Dulcimer and songs.
Other dulcimer related sites
The Australian Dulcimer Page Gillian Alcock's site - a Dulcimer guru   Dulcimer World Congress The Congress is coming to Malvern, Worcestershire in October 2015
Sweet Music Index Very good MD site   Jerry Rockwell's Home Page Jerry Rockwell's Mountain Dulcimer Home Page
Dulcimer Player's News U.S. based magazine dealing with both Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers   Everything Dulcimer Dulcimer discussion group
CWA Cimbalom World Association   Dulcimers.com Sharon Skaryd's pages from Michigan
Dulcimer School Online Dulcimer School run by Dan Landrum, Stephen Seifert and Aaron O'Rourke (both HD and MD)   Owl Mountain Music US based dulcimer site for player Steve Eulberg
Dave Kettlewell Writer of the dulcimer bible 'All the Tunes that Ever there Were'   Butch Ross's Site US based Butch Ross is a popular MD tutor at our events
Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer Exactly what it says on the tin.......A  'social networking' site for MD   Dizzi Dulcimer Info on all things for the hammer dulcimer
Maclaine Colston's Fandalism site Videos of Maclaine Colston, with Saul Rose and others   Paul Gifford's site US Dulcimer History expert
James Jones' site US Instrument Maker James Jones   Masterworks US Dulcimer Maker Russell Cook
Nick Blanton's site US Instrument Maker Nick Blanton   Patti Amelotte's site US Performer and Teacher
Mitzie Collins' site US Performer and teacher Mitzie Collins   Maddie MacNeil's Site US Performer, teacher and founder of Dulcimer Players' News
Karen Asbrook US Hammered Dulcimer Performer and Teacher   The Ancient Music of Ireland Dick and Sabine Glasgow
     Other  sites of interest
Eagle Music Stockists of a wide range of music related items   Living Tradition Excellent 'folkie' magazine
English Folk Dance & Song Society We are affiliated to the EFDSS - check out their online archives, the Full English