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Dulcimer Education Pack
In conjunction with Dulcimer World Congress we are pleased to announce our Dulcimer Education Pack, featuring cross-curricular activities based around the World wide Dulcimer Family of instruments and targetted at Key Stage 2. This follows on from the very successful outreach programme involving 10 Worcestershire Schools, which was part of the Dulcimer World Congress in 2015.
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Mat Fox Bursary Scheme
The club wants to provide a lasting and practical memorial to one of our best loved tutors, Mat Fox, who died suddenly in early 2014 at the age of 57. Mat was an excellent player of the hammered dulcimer, but above all an inspiring educator of young people. Therefore we have created a scheme to support one young person each year, aged between 16 and 25, to buy or loan a dulcimer and get good quality tuition on it (normal maximum 250).
Applications should be made by 31st December for funding in the following year 1st April to 31st March. A repeat application by a previously successful bursary holder will be considered on its merits. Download the details here
For any further information and to apply contact us.