Southern Member's tunes 
This list gives the tunes that are often played at Southern Member's meets.    
Tune Title Key Origin/Source
Ashokan Farewell D USA (Jay Ungar)/WWFF
Bay of Fundy Reel A Canadian - Bill Guest - 100 FFT
Beaucatcher's Farewell G American - DPN News
Bouffard's Waltz G & D French - Pierre Bouffard
Butterfly G Irish - Tommy Potts
Cabri Waltz G Canadian - FFB
Harvest Home D British - O'Neill's, FFB, PP
Haste to the Wedding D Irish - FFB, O'Neill's
Michael Turner's Waltz G English - A Sussex Tune Book
Midnite on the Water D American - Luke Thomasson, FFB, PP
Nonsuch D English - FFB
Sheffield Hornpipe G English - Internet
Sir John Fenwicks G English - Northumberland Pipe tune
Smedens G Swedish
Snowbird in the Ashbank A USA (Trad)WWFF (NOT the FFB version )
Soldiers Joy D English - FFB, O'Neill's
Speed the Plough G English - FFB
Peacocks March Em Irish - Ossian; Music from Ireland
The Plane Tree Em English
Whalen's Breakdown C Canadian - 100 FFT
O'Neill's = O'Neill's Music of Ireland, 1001 Tunes
PP = Hammer Dulcimer by Peter Pickow
FFB = Fiddlers Fake Book
100 FTT = A hundred Favorite Fiddle Tunes, Bill Guest (published by Mel Bay Music)
WWFF =  Waltz of the Wind - The Best of Fiddle Fever  Ashokan Farewell also recorded by Tom McConville & Pauline Cato, Catriona McDonald & Ian Lothian
Michael Turners Waltz is Untitled waltz No 105 in A Sussex Tune Book
Smedens Anden Fynbo = 2 part arrangement in Trad Tunes for two fiddles

(More complete details can be obtained from Kathy & Neil Corbett if you have trouble finding a book or tape)