Sally Whytehead

I recently retired and now my life is busier than ever! I have been playing the hammered dulcimer as an enthusiastic amateur since 1989, and have been a member of Nonsuch since its inception. Early on I developed an interest in all the wonderful versions of the dulcimer world-wide and have attended most of the Cimbalom World Association congresses since 1993. During this time I was elected a board member of the CWA and in 2015 organised the 13th congress in Malvern, England.

Along the way I picked up a lot about Mountain Dulcimers, so started to play one in 2012.

With Fred Woodley and others I started Make and Play Dulcimers in the Redditch area in 2000, and we now have a thriving hammered dulcimer group that meets twice a month and a mountain dulcimer group that meets once a month.

Before I gave up work I was a software engineer; so I also help out with any technical jobs the committee needs – like semi-automatically generating the members directory. I still look after the website.

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