John Shaw

I started playing mountain dulcimer in 1972 (just as a second instrument: I was mainly a bass guitarist at the time). About a decade later I got more serious about it and it became my main instrument. I’m a singer, of mainly English traditional songs, and I find the MD a glorious instrument for accompaniment. I also love playing tunes – again mainly English traditional – but I’m interested in a wide range of folk and roots music from all over, and some of that gets a look-in too (particularly Eastern European stuff).

As well as singing and playing solo, I use the MD in a number of different groups and bands – a large group called the Hotwells Howlers (in which my wife Angela also sings), the Bristol Shantymen, in a duo with singer/guitarist Alan Kirkpatrick, and as occasional accompanist to Somerset singer Amanda Boyd. I have recorded 3 solo CDs, plus 3 with the Hotwells Howlers, 2 with the Bristol Shantymen and 3 with Alan Kirkpatrick. I’ve learned a lot within the Nonsuch club from this diverse group of enthusiasts, and heartily recommend membership to all HD and MD players (and interested non-players).


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