Spring Fling has been Cancelled

In the light of the government’s latest measures to manage the Coronavirus pandemic, the Nonsuch Committee has decided to cancel the forthcoming Spring Fling Weekend in Allendale on 27th – 29th March 2020. We are sorry to have reached this conclusion but we now feel it is better for all concerned.

We have been in touch with tutors and attendees.

House Concert with Damian Clarke has been cancelled

The House Concert planned for 26th March 2020 at Jenny Coxon’s house, has also been cancelled.

Some Regional Meets Cancelled

In addition some regional get togethers have been cancelled. If you are a regular attendee, you will have an email about this. Please check with any organisers if you are unsure.

Halsway Manor Dulcimer Week Cancelled

We have just received news, via Geoff Reeve-Black, from Halsway Manor that their Nonsuch-organised May Dulcimer Week has been cancelled.  This joint decision reflects the likely continuation of Covid-19 restrictions into June and the certain travel problems US-based tutors would have faced.  The Manor will email all those booked on the course shortly.

Nonsuch Annual Weekend 2020 Postponed

After discussion with Denstone College and with the rest of the Nonsuch committee, we have decided to postpone this year’s Annual Weekend in October. 

Although it may seem soon to be making this decision, we had a few reasons:

  • Our contract with Denstone has increasing cancellation fees, with more than half being due if we wait till after April to cancel. Our club cannot afford to lose this amount of money;
  • We wanted to make a decision before there were commitments not only by us, but also by our tutors, on advance air fares especially;
  • With an uncertain future at present, asking members to commit to booking an event in the next few months (most of our bookings are usually made by the end of June) seems unreasonable.

We have said ‘postponed’ rather than ‘cancelled’ because Denstone have offered to let us carry our non-refundable deposit over to 2021, and have booked us in for the equivalent weekend next year: October 22nd – 26th (Friday – Tuesday).  Hilary has already written to our tutors and asked them if it will be possible for them to come back in 2021 – we had a great line-up and we were really excited for this year’s event.

We still need Dulcimer music in 2020!

We are starting to explore with our 2020 tutors, and others, offering some programs for Nonsuch members during the year, using online technology such as Facebook live, Skype or Zoom. Many tutors such as Dizzi, Mark Alan Wade, Erin Mae and Steve Eulberg already do this. Karen Mueller is keen to come next year and has set up online workshops and lessons. More to follow on this, and all ideas welcome via email or Facebook.

Lastly, we do need to have a Nonsuch AGM during the year, with at least 15 members present – perhaps a one-day session around September if feasible. Something to look forward to …