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Erin Mae Lewis
Erin Mae taught at Spring Fling 2019.

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About Erin Mae and her Music

I teach one-on-one private mountain dulcimer lessons for all ages and levels — diatonic or chromatic. 

I teach 6-week group courses of 4-12 people. Some are scheduled on my website, but I am also willing to work with your group to choose a time/topic that works best for you.

I teach one-time, one-hour workshops for dulcimer clubs. Choose the level(s) and topic that best suits your group.

I have several video lessons, especially for chromatic mountain dulcimer and music theory, on Dulcimer Crossing. I also co-direct monthly live events for premium members.

I have begun a consulting service to help dulcimer organizations find creative ways to gather and share music online. Sign up for a free 20 minute consult on my website.

I am supported by Patrons at 

Music is a powerful tool to connect us — during pandemics, across oceans, and sitting knee-to-knee. I feel so fortunate to have met many Nonsuch Dulcimer Club members, and look forward to staying connected with you. 

~Enjoy Life~
Erin Mae