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Jessica Comeau

About Jessica Comeau and her Music

It is a special honor and a joy to help people to discover the mountain dulcimer and to grow and flourish as dulcimer players! If you would like to learn more about playing the mountain dulcimer, I am available throughout the year for online mountain dulcimer lessons. My availability varies depending on my work schedule and festival bookings, so we can arrange meeting times on a case-by-case basis in order to meet your needs. My philosophy is to teach skills and technique through the music itself, and I work with mountain dulcimer players at all levels.

I offer several other resources including recordings, books, and video workshops through my website. You can explore the following materials at my online store:

  • Faerie Memories: Fantasy Music with an Acoustic Heart
    My newest release: a collection of mystical, healing music woven with standard and baritone mountain dulcimer, angel wing harp, keyboard, and voice (print and digital editions).
  • Songs of the Earthly Pilgrimage: Medieval and World Folk Music on the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer (music album, print and digital editions)
  • Mountain Dulcimer Wildflowers (Book and Video Set): A Collection of Original Arrangements of Early Music and Traditional Songs for Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer (print and digital editions).
  • Cantigas de Santa Maria: A Selection of Medieval Songs for Mountain Dulcimer (e-book)
  • With Quiet Joy: Christmas Carols and Hymns for Mountain Dulcimer (print and e-book)
  • Wildflower Workshops for Mountain Dulcimer: Celtic Series (videos with tablature and midis)

Jessica is teaching at the Nonsuch Annual Weekend 2021.