Location: West Yorkshire

Neil Brook is a luthier based in Preston who used to work for Fylde Guitars, his main instruments these days are high quality (& priced) hurdy gurdies.

Nonsuch members will know that I play one of the early Stefan Sobell Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers. He hasn’t made these for years, specialising in guitars, bouzoukis & mandolins.

On several occasions however, I had students who wanted a Sobell style dulcimer. I took mine to Neil & asked him to make a copy of my Sobell.

When I picked it up, however, Neil had improved on Stefan’s original design. This is what is for sale for £500 (ONO)…

It’s a spruce top, 6 string, scale length 72.5cm & includes a ‘B’ fret (61/2). It’s in as new condition & comes in its own wooden case.

I would prefer that anyone interested visited me & tried these instruments out I’m happy to give a lesson or two on the way I accompany songs.

During lockdown I’ve counted up the many instruments I’ve bought over the years with the intentions of playing them in one context or another. But, I really don’t need 3 Mountain Dulcimers, or 3 tenor guitars or 2 Sazes & so on.

Price: £500 ono.

For More information contact: Pete Coe (petecoe@backshiftmusic.co.uk),  103 Oldham Rd, RIPPONDEN, SOWERBY BRIDGE, WEST YORKS. Tel: 01422 822569.