The Sweet Sounds and Singing Strings of Dedicated Dulcimers

For anyone who enjoys the melodious sound of dulcimers – both hammered and mountain style – Roving Folk, on Phoenix Radio in Halifax, West Yorkshire – in association with the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club – brings you the:

2nd edition of the Nonsuch Newsletter Audio Supplement, Autumn 2020.

Our aim is to give the Newsletter an added audio dimension.  The latest edition of Dulcimer Junction – more than ever, this time, supports the music printed and made available in the Nonsuch Newsletter. The newsletter goes out to our members once a quarter, you can join here!

In this 2nd edition of the Audio Supplement we have an assortment of tracks which we hope you will find to be of interest … including contributions from Nonsuch members – John Shaw, Geoff Smith, & Lisa Warburton. Within the newsletter, you will find music to play from – and in this audio supplement, you will hear how it can sound – when demonstrated by our contributors.

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Playlist for Audio Supplement No.2

  1. Howie & Ann MitchellRuffles. See The Golden Ring – vinyl album (1964).
  2. Jim Couza Chariots. Watch the Jim Couza Interview (1983) here.
  3. John ShawShvartse Khasene
  4. CytharaRamble Away (1997)
  5. John ShawOld Town Band
  6. Geoff SmithSearching for Lambs
  7. Tony RoseSearching for Lambs
  8. Tim Simek & Mark EdelmanSound of Silence. Watch the Video Link here
  9. Lisa Warburton Machynlleth. Watch the videos here: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
  10. Malthouse PassageJohnson’s & Sunshine Hornpipe

Dulcimer Junction is brought to you by Ken Hudson. Ken also hosts Roving Folk – the 4th Sunday Folk Show. Have a listen!