Don Pedi has been playing the dulcimer since 1968. Self taught, he developed a timeless method of playing mountain music
on the dulcimer that includes all the notes and rhythms of the best old-time fiddlers.

Don lives with his wife Jean, on a small farm in the mountains of Madison County in Western North Carolina. The area is rich in tradition.

Don passes on tunes, songs, and ballads he learned from years of association with several traditional musicians, many of whom, have since passed on.

In 1982 Don met and started playing music with fiddler Bruce Greene. Bruce’s older generational approach to music has been a great influence on Don’s dulcimer playing.

Don performs at concerts, festivals and music camps across the United States.

Don Pedi Plays

He played music and appeared in the motion pictures “Song Catcher” and “The Journey of August King.”
In 2003 Don represented the dulcimer and Southern Appalachia at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

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Don is a tutor at the Nonsuch Annual Weekend Online, 2020.