• Hilary Davies

    Hilary Davies

    I have been playing the hammered dulcimer since 2005, and enjoy many types of music – especially early English dance music, but also Celtic, Appalachian, French and other styles. I enjoy arranging music for the dulcimer, and also the freedom of playing by ear. I qualified as a Certified Music Practitioner in 2013, and have played ...

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Job Description

    1. To organise online events, including weekends and one-time events, and to coordinate online sessions as needed.
    2. To manage grants program for sponsored regional events, including event agreements and risk management.
    3. To provide club support for regional organisers as needed.
    4. To coordinate with Halsway Manor on tutors, program and Nonsuch support for Halsway Dulcimer Week.
    5. To coordinate with Annual Weekend Organiser and Spring Fling Organiser, including for tutor bookings and fee structures.