The details!

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations we invite you to join in a group recording of our namesake tune ‘Nonesuch’.

We have been playing this tune since the club was started in 1992, so we thought we would ask as many people as possible to join in with a fun recording to celebrate our 30th year.

We plan to launch the video on Make Music Day on 21st June 2022. This is an international event with people playing music all over the world!


How it will be used?

We will premiere the video as part of a special online launch event on 21st June 2022 at 7pm, via zoom. Details will be sent out to all club members nearer the time. If you are not a Nonsuch member but would like to join this zoom session please get in touch and we will send you the link.

We will also put the video on the Nonsuch YouTube site.

This may in turn be linked to from our website, from Facebook and other social media platforms and possibly from the Make Music Day site, too.

By sending in your video to be included you are consenting to its use in this way.

Performance Suggestions

This can be a bit of fun, dress up, wear a silly hat, dance etc. And don’t forget this is an international event!

Key Points:

  • Review the technical guide (below) before starting
  • Play the tune straightforwardly the first time through, then do more!
  • Try to keep to the timing of the track supplied
  • Don’t worry too much about mistakes or even playing all the way through
  • Have fun!

We have provided the sheet music and click tracks as well as a pdf copy of this write-up to download here.

The music supplied includes a mountain dulcimer arrangement from Geoff Black. If you are playing in a group using this arrangement then for Player 2 we suggest you play the chord and harmony lines separately i.e. not simultaneously, as they are not designed for that.

If you are playing the hammered dulcimer there is a separate score with the music, chords and harmony included in standard notation.

The click track has the tune played through four times so you can develop your arrangement.

Technical Guide

These instructions are provided by Jon Warbrick, who will be putting the video together. (Thanks, Jon!).

Please have a good read before recording your track.

Download the technical guide here.


The deadline for sending your video to Jon is 1st May, 2022. However, if you are struggling with getting it done in time do contact Jon to see if your video can be a late entrant.