The Sweet Sounds and Singing Strings of Dedicated Dulcimers

For anyone who enjoys the melodious sound of dulcimers – both hammered and mountain style – Roving Folk, on Phoenix Radio in Halifax, West Yorkshire – in association with the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club – brings you the:

Nonsuch Newsletter Audio Supplement, Summer 2022 No 10

Our aim is to give the Newsletter an added audio dimension. The latest edition of Dulcimer Junction continues to support the music and information printed in the Nonsuch Newsletter.

Among the variety of sounds in Dulcimer Junction No.10, you will find – ‘Summer Garland’’ from Jody Marshall – music from the late mountain dulcimer wiz, David Schnaufer – sounds of the hammered dulcimer from the late David Kettlewell and his group Trotto – Aubrey Atwater continues her memories of Jean Ritchie – Jacqueline McDonald of the duo Jacqui & Bridie talks about one of their links with Jean Ritchie – John Mason plays live at Chimney Rock Park – and (in memory of John Howson) there’s a track from The Old Hat Dance Band.

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Playlist & Links for Audio Supplement No.10

  1. Jody Marshall – Summer Garland – Miss Stewart of Grantully & The High Road to Linton
  2. David Schnaufer – Wildwood Flower
  3. David Schnaufer – When Silence was Golden
  4. Trotto – Chickens
  5. Jim Lloyd talking about David Kettlewell – Folk on Two (2nd last show – 1972)
  6. Trotto – The Bells of St Mary’s
  7. Aubrey Atwater remembers Jean Ritchie singing Black Waters
  8. Jean Ritchie – Shady Grove
  9. Jacqueline McDonald – Links with Jean Ritchie
  10. Jacqui & Bridie – Seth Davy
  11. John Mason – Here comes the Sun (Live at Chimney Rock)
  12. Old Hat Dance Band – Silver Wings Barn-dance

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