The Sweet Sounds and Singing Strings of Dedicated Dulcimers

For anyone who enjoys the melodious sound of dulcimers – both hammered and mountain style – Roving Folk, on Phoenix Radio in Halifax, West Yorkshire – in association with the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club – brings you the:

Nonsuch Newsletter Audio Supplement, Summer 2023 No 13

Our aim is to give the Newsletter an added audio dimension. The latest edition of Dulcimer Junction continues to support the music and information printed in the Nonsuch Newsletter – and includes contributions from Nonsuch members – and links to a number of articles within the newsletter.

Among the variety of sounds in Dulcimer Junction No.13, you will hear the magical music of the Bowed Psaltery – tunes and songs from players of the hammered dulcimer – a variety of different ways of accompanying songs using the Appalachian or mountain dulcimer – a spotlight on the tune St. Anne’s Reel – more dulcimer connections – and (as always) some tunes for you to listen to – and play along with (if you have a fancy to).

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Playlist & Links for Audio Supplement No.13

  1. Damian Clarke – Eleanor Plunkett _ Si Bheg Si Mhor
  2. Doug Berch – I Don’t Even Know Your Name
  3. The Yetties – The King of the Fairies
  4. Jeff & Janet Furman – Let the Life I Lead
  5. Brenda Mangan – Wild Colonial Boy (2 bows) YouTube video, Psaltery Strings Website
  6. Spring Creek Band – Margaret’s Waltz
  7. Tony Gillam – Overwintering
  8. Philip Boulding – St Ann’s Reel – YouTube Channel, Rick Thum Workshop, Learning St. Anne’s Reel.
  9. Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem – Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel (YouTube), also see Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel by the author, David Mallett. 
  10. Paul Metsers – The Simple Life
  11. Ekaterina Yukhnova – The Godfather Theme
  12. Rick Thum – Three Little Birds

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Dulcimer Junction is brought to you by Ken Hudson. Ken also hosts Roving Folk – the 4th Sunday Folk Show. on Phoenix FM. Have a listen!