Mountain Dulcimer Teacher and Performer (Olney, Buckinghamshire)

  • One to One In Person Lessons
  • In Person Group Classes

Dan’s website blog holds a growing number of technical articles for MD dulcimer players and musicians generally:

There is free dulcimer TAB here:

He offers a dulcimer starter session

About Dan

Over three decades Dan Evans has built a niche career as a world-class exponent on both the mountain dulcimer and acoustic guitar. He accompanies his fine baritone voice with beautiful and original dulcimer and guitar music.

As well as a performer, Dan is an effective tutor on a wide range of music related topics.

He has taught at a number of Nonsuch events, most recently at the Spring Fling in 2018, Annual Weekends in 2018, 2015, 2016 as well as a number of earlier Annual Weekends.

Dan does not teach or seek sponsorship online, prefering to work in-person.