Annual Weekend Organiser

Find suitable venues for the Annual Event, arrange accommodation at the chosen venue, make a budget and keep accounts of income and expenditure, publicise the event in the club newsletter and elsewhere as appropriate, liaise with the Annual Event Bookings Organiser as required …

Membership Secretary

To receive and process all membership applications and renewals, maintain the membership records, facilitate the distribution of the Nonsuch newsletter and other important information and act as contact point to provide club details to potential members.


Chair committee meetings and the AGM of the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club, set agendas for those meetings in consultation with committee members …

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Publicity Co-ordinator

Currently under Review. To have an overview of the club’s public image on behalf of the committee, maintain a publicity pack and advise members organising events on the best ways of publicising them.

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Newsletter Editor

To collate and commission articles sent in by members and prepare the newsletter in a form suitable for electronic distribution and printing, arrange for the printing and pass to the distribution team.