27/09/20 - 31/10/20

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Meet Ups | Online Events

The South Western Meets at the Nova Scotia in Bristol have gone Virtual! These are now open to all and are designed to be especially mountain dulcimer friendly. Other instruments are also welcome.

You will have the opportunity to play along with the lead player, just hearing yourself and them. And you can catch up and have a bit of a chat. Bring your own refreshments!

These regular online meets have been going from strength to strength, welcoming dulcimer friends from Europe, the USA and even Australia.  Hosted by Geoff Black, the sessions draw on a growing bank of tabbed dulcimer tunes and new tunes are introduced – with guidance – to make them accessible to all abilities. 

Forthcoming Sessions:

  • Sunday 27th September 2020 from 2 – 4pm

Finally, a unique opportunity for all Nonsuch members to join in a celebration of the dulcimer community, the Big Dulcimer Video.  We’ve all been meeting online for so long now, it seems quite normal for dulcimer players to sit in little boxes on top of each other!  But we haven’t truly been able to be play together…until now.  Courtesy Of Duncan Gibbs and his backing track, many of our regulars have now been able to film themselves playing and singing “All in a Garden Green”.  The recordings are now being stitched together by the very skilled husband of one of our regulars to produce a composite video.  It’s intended as a memento of making music at a difficult time, where players at all stages in their dulcimer journey come together to enjoy themselves.  Details of how and when it will be available shortly.

Get in touch with Geoff Reeve-Black to be added to the circulation list for the sessions.