Mountain Dulcimer PlayerAre you interested in learning to play the dulcimer, but are not ready to buy one just yet?

For example:

  • You want to make sure that the dulcimer is right for you before buying one.
  • You are not sure what to buy that will suit you and don’t want to waste money on the wrong choice.
  • You can’t afford to buy an instrument just yet.

What options do you have?

  • You can attend a workshop event which  offers classes for complete beginners. Ask the organisers to lend you an instrument for the class. The Halsway Manor event in May and the annual weekend in October which are residential over several days both offer this. See the Events  page for details.
  • You could attend one of our workshops at major folk festivals for a shorter ‘have a go’ experience.
  • You can rent an instrument from a re-seller or from the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club for a period of months.
  • You can ask for advice online or in person e.g. by attending a regional get together near you.

The club’s rental scheme is available to club members and costs £10 a month plus a £50 refundable deposit. We have a range of hammered dulcimers suitable for beginners. These are more expensive than mountain dulcimers for a starter instrument.

We do have a few mountain dulcimers to rent also, but at least one mountain dulcimer seller runs an equivalent rental scheme where you can put part of the rental towards purchase, so we think that’s a better option. Our rental instruments are not for sale.

Contact Us for more information on these options.